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Letter: People who buy products are the real job creators

People who buy products are the real job creators

Job creators create jobs when granted tax cuts. I am a 76-year-old retired guy, and I am a job creator. My kids, grandkids, friends and neighbors are also job creators. We buy goods and services. The more we buy, the more jobs we create. When we get tax breaks, we have more income with which to do that.

Those who own businesses and services do not create jobs. Their responsibility is to earn a fair profit by efficiently providing those goods and services.

I can’t imagine any sane employer saying, “I think I will hire some new unneeded employees because I got a tax break.”

I can imagine one of us job creators saying, “I think I’ll buy another good or service with my tax break.”

Factories do not create products. They are places where products are created. They do not create jobs, either. They are places where jobs are created by those who own the factories, in response to demands from us, the real job creators.

Paul Lawton