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Letter: Kasich is only candidate unafraid to tell the truth

Kasich is only candidate unafraid to tell the truth

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Republican presidential candidate, is a calm, focused leader who has workable, proven economic ideas, a supporter of NATO and Israel, and a person who seems to be responsible and capable if and when the United States needs to decide to use force to protect innocent people.

Life has always been paramount to Kasich. When asked by a young, female student at a CNN-sponsored town hall discussion, which included all three GOP candidates, if he believed in pro-life from conception to natural death, Kasich replied that he has always been pro-life (except in cases of rape, incest or the mother’s life) from conception to natural death. He then added that we should remember that there is also another life after this one, and isn’t that what Easter is all about. Bold remarks from a humble man on national TV.

Kasich is not afraid to tell us what he stands for. Truth seems to be his guidepost, whether or not the truth enhances his popularity. Remember that when you vote for Kasich in the coming New York primary, and hopefully in the November election.

Joann Jarmusz