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Letter: A vote for Trump is a vote for Clinton

A vote for Trump is a vote for Clinton

If you are considering voting for Donald Trump in the upcoming primaries, consider this: Of the three Republican candidates left in the race, the only one who loses to Hillary Clinton in the general election is The Donald, according to the latest poll taken on March 30. So if you want to see Clinton as our next president, install Trump as the Republican nominee.

I am fed up with the establishment as much as anyone else is, however, I do not want to see Clinton as our next president.

Think about it. Where will Trump pick up his votes in the general election? There’s not enough angry white guys like myself to put him in the White House. He cannot get the African-American vote or the Latino vote, and he certainly cannot get the female vote.

I have heard all the rhetoric coming from Trump’s campaign on how he is bringing millions of new voters into the party. That is just baloney, like most of the things he says – like he is going to deport millions of illegal immigrants; the courts would never allow it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the next president will likely install a minimum of two Supreme Court justices. If Clinton wins, it will be a 6-to-3 majority of liberal judges. Goodbye, Second Amendment. And God only knows what else they would do with their liberal majority.

I think a Ted Cruz/John Kasich ticket would be very good for this country. Anybody but Clinton would work for me.

Nicholas Karam