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Niagara Falls drug seller enters diversion program

LOCKPORT – Niagara County Judge Sara Sheldon admitted a Niagara Falls man to the judicial diversion program of court-supervised drug treatment Monday, but she said she was “not optimistic” about his chances of succeeding.

Michael A. Soliday, 38, of 69th Street, pleaded guilty to fourth-degree criminal sale of a controlled substance for a Sept. 3, 2014, sale of Suboxone to a police informant. It was one of two such deals he allegedly made that week, and Soliday had to agree to repay $140 to the Niagara County Drug Task Force.

Sheldon said Soliday has been in drug rehabilitation programs twice before. He also has a felony marijuana conviction for having 20 ounces of the drug in his car when state troopers stopped it in Lewiston in 2008. Soliday, who received a probation sentence for that, risks up to eight years in prison if he washes out of treatment this time. Success would mean the Suboxone charge would be reduced to a misdemeanor with a nonjail sentence.