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Letter: Region has already spent too much money on Bills

Region has already spent too much money on Bills

Can you hear the sucking sound? It’s yet another attempt by the Buffalo Bills to get more money from the poor taxpayers of Western New York. Ralph Wilson sucked money from us all for many years, with the complete approval of our politicians. Whenever he cried poor, they agreed to his every whim. In the end, his pocket-change investment earned his family billions, with a B.

When our hometown favorite sons’ naming rights were up, the politicians changed the name from Rich Stadium to Ralph Wilson Stadium. Did they consult with the citizens to see if we wanted to forgo reimbursement to the taxpayers for new naming rights?

Well, aren’t current events just fine? So, the NFL thinks that the millions of dollars we just spent to renovate the stadium aren’t good enough. Let the NFL pay for a new stadium if that’s what it wants. Maybe it could build a domed stadium in Bowmansville. Doesn’t that sound like a plan?

The local bureaucrats should spend their time banning plastic bags. While they are at it, maybe they could concentrate on having the police arrest and charge the pigs who throw the bags into the wind in the first place. Or, improve medical care for those who continue to use unwashed reusable shopping bags laden with bacteria.

OMG, Donald Trump sounds better every day.

Jim Seufert