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Letter: New stadium won’t ensure team remains in Buffalo

New stadium won’t ensure team remains in Buffalo

Here we go again. The NFL wants Western New York to build a new billion-dollar stadium for the Buffalo Bills to host eight games a year. It does not mention what we should do with the facility for the other 357 days of the year. The NFL is only interested in having the use of a plush facility for eight days a year.

NASCAR tracks are privately financed and maintained, and they draw larger crowds than the NFL. Some of the tracks leave much to be desired as far as condition is concerned, but the fans attend anyway. It is not the condition of the stadium that draws a crowd – it is the performance of the team.

If the NFL wants a new plush stadium in Western New York, let it take on the financial risk and build one here, not the taxpayers, adding another burden to our local folks who already are some of the highest taxed in the nation.

Our attendance at The Ralph is just fine. We support the Bills very well for a small market. I think the NFL wants to move the Bills to a larger and more profitable market. Look what happened to the St. Louis Rams. That city built a large dome for the Rams, and now the team is moving back to Los Angeles.

Arthur Benson