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Letter: Many people are satisfied with Obama’s performance

Many people are satisfied with Obama’s performance

I would like to respond to a March 28 letter. The writer made statements that are wrong. He claims the economy has slowed to a crawl. There has been close to 60 months of steady job growth. The Dow Jones market is over 17,000. It was 6,800 when President Obama took office.

The writer assumes that American consumer confidence is falling, but is it due to the president or the do-nothing Congress controlled by the Republicans? The job-killing regulations he talks about keep us safe and healthy from greedy corporations that put profit and greed above our health.

Yes, I am satisfied with the last seven years of this administration. It would have been even better if Congress had done its job.

I guess the writer thinks that President George W. Bush must have done a great job. Fewer Americans died and were seriously injured under Obama. How about the gas prices at the pump?

The trickle-down theory (giving more tax breaks to the wealthy and big corporations) does not work. You can thank President Ronald Regan for that.

Charles Krathaus Jr.