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Letter: If NFL wants new facility, rich owners should fund it

If NFL wants new facility, rich owners should fund it

Kudos to County Executive Mark Poloncarz for watching our tax dollars, and for being skeptical of the NFL about the need for a new stadium. Let us consider the success of the movie “Concussion.” Fredonia High School, where I graduated from in 1964, does not have enough football players to field a team. To continue a football program, it will have to combine with Brocton and Westfield, where, a few seasons ago, a 16-year-old player took a hit to his head, lapsed into a coma and died two days later.

Now we have the controversy between the NFL and the New York Times over research papers. As is written in filings with the SEC, “ability to continue as a going concern may be in question.” How much more revenue can the NFL reasonably expect from officially the third-poorest city in our country? Salaries for NFL players start at $435,000 per year, and go up rapidly. Star players get millions. If these players need new playpens, they would be much better paid for by the billionaire owners club, than by people who work to put $50,000 on their W-2.

David Gaeddert