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Letter: Great minds must create biodegradable plastic bags

Great minds must create biodegradable plastic bags

A recent letter writer suggested that the problem with plastic bags could be corrected by creating biodegradable plastic bags. This cannot be a brand-new thought.

Certainly all of the businesses in the world who sell us every conceivable type of plastic bag – big, small, handled or sealable – for use in every imaginable way must have thought that it would be a good idea if these bags were biodegradable.

So where are the great scientific minds that can solve unimaginable problems in every and all entities that can occur to humankind when it comes to creating biodegradable plastic bags?

This is obviously a billion-dollar idea. Has it been held back by the million-dollar entities who profit greatly by the current makers of non-biodegradable bags?

Let us have biodegradable plastic. C’mon, you can do it.

Joan Watkins