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Power Take: ‘Working’ the hoops refs isn’t cool

Here’s a memo to every basketball coach at every level in America: Shut up and coach your team.

The amount of complaining coaches heap on officials is absurd. This isn’t a new thing. Somewhere along the way over the past couple of decades, it crossed a line. Coaches believe they’re not doing their job if they’re not “working” the refs start to finish. Sure, a coach needs to alert officials to things. Watch the way this guy hand-checks. Look for this team’s moving ball screens. Etc. But it has become ridiculous.

After watching another full season of basketball at all levels, I’m amazed at the patience shown by basketball officials. After some games, I wished I had time to shake the officials’ hands for not losing their cool in the face of coaches’ childish behavior. They listen. They explain. They nod. They listen some more. They let the coaches wander all over the court. Are you kidding me? “T” them up, for God sakes. (My award for Petulant Performance of the Year goes to Duquesne women’s coach Dan Burt. Outstanding coach. Loony ref-baiter.) All the complaining sets a bad example for players. Moreover, it’s unnecessary.

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