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Power Take: It’s time to face fact that Woods isn’t what he once was

Part of being a fan is keeping the faith that good things will happen to your respective rooting interest, that whoever you want to succeed will do so even when things look their bleakest.

The situation is beyond dire for those who wanted to see Tiger Woods break Jack Nicklaus’ record of major golf triumphs.

With Woods’ not-so-surprising announcement Friday that his balky back isn’t recovered enough from his latest surgery back in October to compete in this year’s Masters, it’s even finally starting to sink through my thick skull that Woods’ run at 18 is over, regardless of his health.

I know the experts have been saying this for more than a year. I’ll admit, I was slow to accept their views as gospel, but hey, I’m a Tiger fan.

He’s now missed two of the last three Masters. He’s 40, and he’s been stuck on 14 major wins ever since claiming the U.S. Open in a playoff in 2008, when he won on an injured knee, producing one of golf’s greatest moments ever.

It’s moments like that I keep hoping to see from Woods again, provided he ever gets healthy and regains his form. Call it the fan in me.