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Letters for April 3

Home advantage for women too much of a good thing

It was exciting that both the UB men and women went to the “Big Dance.” The women played Ohio State at Ohio State which I thought gave Ohio State a big advantage. Upon further study, I learned that many of the top-rated teams played on their home court. I believe that top-rated Connecticut played their first four games in Connecticut.

What is the home court advantage?

1. You sleep in your own bed and have your own locker.

2. You can practice while the visiting team must travel.

3. You do not have the possible jet lag issue.

4. You have many screaming fans cheering for you and against the foe.

5. You play on a familiar court.

I understand that the NCAA is trying to build up interest in the women’s games but is it fair to the visiting teams?

By the way, both the UB men and women played quite well against worthy opponents.

Wayne Anderson


Current UB administrators don’t need to think small

What a shame that March Madness can make us so proud of our two UB basketball teams, yet “March Mad” about how our teams were misrepresented in the national spotlight.

Can anyone tell me if they could see the BUFFALO portion of the logo that Mr. Danny White left us with? If anyone was hard of hearing, or had the sound turned down, they probably thought that Miami and Ohio State were playing NEW YORK!

Yes, Danny has left the building, but I can’t believe the new leaders of the UB athletic program cannot see what a travesty this is for this great university.

Mr. Allen Greene – please get together with Mr. Satish Tripathi and revisit this issue immediately. Don’t let Danny’s poor legacy continue; put your personal mark on this program by reversing the logo wording. Embellish BUFFALO and be proud of it. Thanks in advance for serious consideration to rebuild our UB pride.

James R. Ahrens


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