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Letter: Why are some people so quick to file suit?

Why are some people so quick to file suit?

I read with sorrow about the 2-year-old girl who was badly burned by scalding hot water while in the care of a 17-year-old baby sitter. The story goes on to state that the mother plans to sue the manufacturer of the water tank. The last time I checked my hot water tank, it had an ingenious device called a thermostat that is easily regulated by the user/homeowner.

Most water heaters have markings on the thermostat dial indicating a “normal” temperature setting and the upper limit of the scale as “hot” or “burn danger” warning. Unless the thermostat was defective and did not shut off the burner at the proper temperature, the relief valve would have opened. I’m guessing the temperature was just set too hot. And, why didn’t the baby sitter test the water temperature before washing the little girl’s hands?

Everyone nowadays seems to be too quick to sue. Just watch the TV commercials, billboards, phone book covers and ads in the paper. Does anyone read “use and care” instructions anymore?

Jerry Lester