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Letter: Access to waterfront must remain a priority

Access to waterfront must remain a priority

On our summer-like Easter, I rode my bike to Times Beach to enjoy the beauty of this waterfront park. While a lifelong Buffalonian, it was only last year that I discovered this unique downtown lakeside preserve. With its tall cottonwoods, wetland boardwalk and Lake Erie access, it proves a great escape from the city’s summer heat and congestion.

So it’s great to hear officials are working to expand the Bike Ferry access to this park and the entire Outer Harbor. For a cyclist, it completes a waterfront loop, but far more important, it aids community access to the Times Beach Park and Outer Harbor waterfront.

As numerous studies have shown, exposure to nature calms the mind and promotes creativity. There is no better antidote to the stress of this modern life than a walk in natural beauty and there are few things so fulfilling as seeing a child marvel at the natural world.

If Central Park is considered the “lungs” of New York City, then surely Lake Erie is the heart and soul of Buffalo. Protecting, enhancing and making our waterfront accessible should continue to be the priority of our elected officials. Finding peace and beauty in its use should be the priority of we Buffalonians.

Eric Brady