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Letter: State’s elected officials wrong to legalize MMA

State’s elected officials wrong to legalize MMA

If our state government has to look at people pummeling each other into submission as an “economic generator,” I would suggest our state government go back to the basics on how to run the state.

After the adrenaline kicks in, the concussions occur and these athletes are used up, do they become a ward of the state?

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s support of mixed martial arts doesn’t instill any confidence in this whole fiasco. It’s just another example of campaign contributions being used to benefit a few inside and outside of Albany.

Kudos to Assembly Members Deborah Glick and Daniel O’Donnell and all the others who followed their heart and not their pocketbook.

As I said, if all of our elected officials worked at their job, we could come up with many “economic generators.” Come on, people, think about what you’re doing to a few people for the benefit of the promoters and gamblers.

Frank Maddock