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Letter: Both Obama, Trump play the ‘blame game’

Both Obama, Trump play the ‘blame game’

What especially amazes, and saddens, me is the number of Republican leaders and otherwise conservative radio and TV hosts who have provided a virtual nonstop infomercial for Donald Trump, in a desperate quest to elect an “outsider.” I have no objection to a business leader running for office, but money seems to be the only asset he can offer.

Having watched virtually every televised debate, I find it obvious that Trump is completely unprepared to provide any substantive responses on issues, even when pressed for details. His repeated default is to make a sweeping one-line generalization, or provide another one-line sound bite or nickname disparaging an opponent.

Ironically, many Trump supporters are oblivious to the fact that some of the traits they (and I) have criticized in President Obama are clearly evident in Trump also. Specifically, both are prone to petulant or childish responses when challenged, and are completely unwilling to admit their own imperfections. The “blame game” is rampant in both men.

I see no value in recruiting huge numbers of additional voters if they are not truly evaluating the qualifications of the candidates. I do have a party affiliation, but am neither wealthy nor a slave to any political party. I continue to evaluate the candidates, but Trump does not speak for me or my values, and that must be my guide. To his supporters I can only advise: Be careful what you wish for.

Melissa Cumming