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Letter: Americans really are their own worst enemy

Americans really are their own worst enemy

The biggest threat to Americans, in reality, are other Americans. The Chinese didn’t bully us into sending them millions of our jobs. We Americans did it on our own. We murder each other by the tens of thousands; basically a 9/11 body count every month.

We have legalized the bribing of our politicians, who pass laws favoring the bribers, who then can legally poison our air and water, take our homes and land and even kill us with their products if it’s profitable.

Americans have lied us into wars so expensive that we could have repaired every single bridge, road and sewer system in our country and still have sent a generation to college with bucks to spare. A million dollars spent on a bridge lasts a century, but on a bomb, just a horrifying second.

Americans have continued to play other Americans as chumps. Some got rich causing the single biggest real estate fraud in history and collapsing the world’s financial market. Many Americans saw their 401(k) retirement accounts cut in half in 2008, but we still managed to find billions of dollars to make sure those who caused this debacle wouldn’t lose a dime. Remember the bonuses they handed out that year while people were losing their homes?

Yes, Americans are the biggest threat to other Americans, by far. So after you get your college degree that cost you $50,000 in student loans and then can’t find a good-paying job to repay it, remember, you can always get three hot meals and a cot to sleep on by joining the military. We will always have some war to fight. Chances are, the opposition may be using American guns, too.

Dwight Gradolph