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McCartney to curate his post-Fabs career with 'Pure McCartney'

I've been compiling playlists of my favorite Paul McCartney solo tunes since I was a wee brat making mixed cassette tapes in my bedroom. I found them to be a useful way to curate McCartney's career.

Now, McCartney is stealing my idea.

In June, he'll release "Pure McCartney," a personally curated tour through his post-Beatles work that will find 67 tracks spread across 4 CDs  and 4 vinyl LPs.

The Beatles are a tough act to follow. But it's worth remembering that McCartney has been a solo artist and post-Beatles bandleader for 46 years, during which he has released boat-loads of music that stand alongside his work with the Fabs. He's had great commercial success as a solo artist, of course, but so much of this music is a touch under-valued, precisely because the Beatles are so universally - and deservedly - revered.

Not surprisingly, McCartney picked a killer mix of well-known songs and deep cuts, ranging from the unjustly overlooked masterpiece "Wanderlust" to tunes from his The Fireman projects, and and album tracks you might've forgotten about ("Warm and Beautiful," "Heart of the Country," "Arrow Through Me," and a few dozen more).

"The word 'career' is a bit misleading because to me it has been more like a musical adventure than a proper job," he said in a news release announcing the June 10 release.

"It pleases me, and often amazes me, that I've been involved in the writing and recording of so many songs, each of them so different from the others."

It pleases and amazes us, too.


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