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Letter: ‘Park & Pray’ service is inspiring, uplifting

‘Park & Pray’ service is inspiring, uplifting

Summer quickly will be upon us. Everyone gets so busy with picnics, reunions, weddings, showers, etc. So many of these events tend to fall on Sundays and unfortunately our time of worship goes by the wayside.

Great news! There is a Saturday afternoon service at Cleveland Heights Christian Church at Union Road and Cleveland Drive in Cheektowaga. It is referred to as “Park & Pray.” It is at 4 p.m. every Saturday for a half-hour. Just like a drive-in movie, you stay in your car and tune your radio to the frequency.

Not only does it make it convenient, but the service is very inspiring. Each message presented by the minister, the Rev. Jan Mahle, relates Biblical references to our everyday life. You can’t leave without being uplifted and having thoughts to ponder. Please come and be part of this very meaningful service.

Dorothy Fowler