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Letter: FBI has a responsibility to probe bookstore owners

FBI has a responsibility to probe bookstore owners

I have been following the editorials and letters regarding bookstore owners Leslie Pickering, Theresa Baker-Pickering and Nathaniel Buckley.

They appear to be offended that the FBI has been interested in their behavior. What do they expect – especially Pickering who, in the past, has admitted to being an active member of the Earth Liberation Front?

For those of you who are not familiar with ELF, the group was responsible for millions of dollars in damage due to its misguided acts of arson in Colorado and California. Fortunately, some of the perpetrators are now imprisoned.

A March 23 letter writer expressed empathy for Pickering and Buckley, saying their civil liberties are being violated. How about all the civil liberties violated by ELF? Did you ever notice the only ones who complain about the FBI activities are radicals and/or criminals? That is because they commit crimes. I think the FBI should intensify the surveillance instead of stopping it.

Thomas J. Walsh Sr.