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Letter: Clinton will continue Obama’s failed policies

Clinton will continue Obama’s failed policies

The economy has slowed to a crawl. Millions of Americans have dropped out of the labor force because they can’t find a good-paying job. Millions more are forced to take part-time employment because they can’t find full-time work.

Most days, the business channels’ discussion centers around the premise that we may be headed into another recession. Many Americans think so, and they indicate in polling that the economy and country are heading in the wrong direction.

The president thinks we are doing great, but his approval numbers can’t get out of the 40 percent range. Consumer confidence keeps falling, but you won’t hear it on the news.

Hillary Clinton is laying out an economic agenda that is a carbon copy of President Obama’s failed policies: more government spending, tighter job-killing regulations and higher taxes. These policies have held us back with 2 percent growth rate, fewer jobs and lower incomes.

The question you should ask is: Are you satisfied with the last eight years of Obama’s economy? If you are, then vote for Clinton.

John Orlowski