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Letter: Circus protesters have gone too far

Circus protesters have gone too far

“Boycott the circus” was written on one of the many signs held by PETA protesters outside of the Shrine Circus. The circus has always been a tradition in many families. Once a year, they would head to the Hamburg Fairgrounds to watch the circus. It was the one time parents would say “yes” to pony rides and elephant rides.

Now it is illegal to ride an elephant in New York State. In India, the elephant is considered a sacred animal, yet people still ride them. But as soon as we put a little kid on an elephant, it is considered torture.

That’s not enough for PETA, though. It isn’t going to stop until the circus has no exotic animals left. I have been helping out at the Shrine Circus for a few years, but some of the kids have been working the circus all their lives. As the years pass, there are fewer animals and fewer people coming to watch the circus. It isn’t as fun anymore, and the circus is struggling to find acts.

These animals see the vet more than most humans see their doctors. This might be the only opportunity for kids to see these animals outside of cages. If the circus goes out of business, all of the workers will be losing their life’s work.

Megan Henderson