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Letter: America sorely needs a businessman at helm

America sorely needs a businessman at helm

From the beginning, the American presidency came with an agenda to define, explore, settle and incorporate territory. By the time the railroads were mature and the automobile aborning, a new continuing resolution appeared on the presidential agenda – to fill the treasury and keep the people working. And today more than ever those two challenges remain paramount.

The incorporation of territory requires resolve and strength. The strength we humans have fielded has morphed way beyond fists and feet and sticks and stones into the expensive and deadly realm of munitions. Territorial disputes now are settled by the expenditure of lives in the millions and dollars in the billions. Our presidents have found it necessary to enter into such disputes as well as embark on costly social programs that have resulted in an accumulation of debt that threatens to overwhelm not only our capacity to repay but our entire monetary system.

The business of government has heretofore been anything but businesslike. The resumes of our 20th and 21st century presidents, accomplished and varied as they may be, do not include a spectacularly successful businessman, and perhaps therein lies an explanation for the accumulation of a spectacularly huge national debt.

What with the miserable messes our traditional politicians have dragged us through over the last decades, why wouldn’t we want to give the job to an accomplished outsider with a refreshing disregard for the politically correct?

Jack Joyce