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Letter: Equating Trump to Hitler is outrageous comparison

Equating Trump to Hitler is outrageous comparison

The rhetoric being tossed around by those opposed to Donald Trump’s candidacy borders on delusional.

One letter writer recently chided Trump for proceeding with the rally in Chicago, stating that by doing so, he put the safety of his supporters, the police and everyone else she could think of in peril from “up in arms” protesters. So, tell me again how the opinion that he is a “bully” and “confrontational,” which I could be persuaded to concede, justifies the threat of violence against his supporters?

Another writer calls him a sociopathic fascist who is as heinous as Hitler. Really? Hitler was responsible for 11 million murders in Nazi death camps. Trump’s crime? Often controversial and occasionally even dumb utterances. Show some perspective for goodness sake.

Additionally, telling the 7½ million people who have cast their vote for Trump in the primaries so far that they are knowingly approving of genocide is as ridiculous a statement as this paper has ever printed. Trump may not be the ideal presidential candidate, but to characterize him as a sociopathic murderer who deserves violence carried out against his supporters, deemed equally complicit in his eventual atrocities, is far more loathsome than any of his own hyperbole.

Kevin Mason