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Letter: Republicans are the ones trampling our Constitution

Republicans are the ones trampling our Constitution

George Will, in his opinion “Indefensible obstruction,” was partially right. Our Constitution is being trampled upon. The next Supreme Court nominee is about whether or not the people will allow a group of states to rule our nation or the mixed government intended by our Constitution. Congress has continually disrespected the wishes of the majority of the people, as expressed in the election of their constitutional president. Congress’ highly partisan and very local representatives have chosen to disrespect the wishes of the elected chief executive of this nation.

I have yet to adjust to the partisan statement by a senator given the day after the people of this nation elected its first black president. This senator stated that his No. 1 job was to see that the elected president served only one term. I thought the senator’s No. 1 job was to work together with everyone for the betterment of this republic. I didn’t know that his No. 1 job was to act in the best interests of his party.

Worse yet, nobody seemed to care that such a partisan statement by a major public figure could be made without a huge backlash by the public. This same man has refused to honor the current president’s nominee. The voice of the majority has been lost in a sea of partisanship. Another civil war has begun. We didn’t learn anything. Forgive us, Abe.

John Brandenberger