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Letter: Conservatives ignore Reagan’s awful record

Conservatives ignore Reagan’s awful record

To conservatives, invoking Ronald Reagan’s name has become almost a religion as they wistfully dream of “that shining city on a hill.” I can only wonder if these people weren’t around back then, or if they weren’t paying attention.

To this point, I’ll try to enumerate some of the “highlights” of Reagan’s presidency: Reaganomics (tax cuts for the top, tax increases for the middle); firing over 10,000 air traffic controllers, which has led to the ongoing demise of the middle class; increasing the national debt from $900 million to $2.7 trillion; a peak unemployment of 11 percent; raiding Social Security funds to pay for failed trickle-down tax cuts; spending billions to fund Afghan jihadists; the Iran-Contra scandal; the 1982 Beirut Marine barracks bombing; failing to recognize the severity of the AIDS/HIV epidemic; granting amnesty to over 3 million undocumented aliens so corporations could pay them less than American workers; supplying weapons and military information to Saddam Hussein; and supporting Apartheid government in South Africa.

Suffice to say that the list could go on, but I think it’s plain to see that Reagan, to the consternation of his supporters, may easily be the worst president of the modern era.

Richard Piechowicz