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Twitter poll: Who wins battle between Superman, Batman?

So who do you think would win in a fight between Superman and Batman? We asked that question in a Twitter poll and the Man of Steel prevailed with 58 percent of the votes. Another superhero, however, found her way in the discussion. Here are some of the best comments from Twitter and Facebook:

Jane @lazylazyjane

Superman is a flying bullet-proof solar powered heat generating alien. There is no other answer.

Jeffrey M. Gallo @firstelder22

Superman V. Batman: Battle of the Orphans

Cassandra White @CSzczygiel31


Evelyn Ihrke @BAMBuffaloArchM

#Really? Neither wins bc they are fictional. However #Alien beats #Predator #everytime so... AliensWin. Better hide Batman!

Pipes Dirty @pipesdirty

Superman is a alien with super powers, he could fly Batman into the sun.

Lazy Legs @Charlie_Tuna12

#Robin (Lehner) would destroy both of them

The Rudest Buddhist @metalmayhen

Batman wins FIGHT! Superman wins war.

Keith White Jr. @KeefWhiteJR 12m

Its #Superman all day long... unless #Deadpool shows up, then my vote goes to #chimichangas!

Andre @DerJuggernat

Batman only because of he knows all of Superman’s weaknesses. Laser eyes and ice breath can only do so much for Superman

Pat Sandora-Nastyn @PatSandora

Superman can do ANYTHING. Batman is a rich li’l orphan baby w/ a tool belt. Superman could melt him or punch him into space.

John Sauter @JohnPSauter


Mark Ciemcioch @MarkCiemcioch

Supes wins straight up, but given planning time and surprise, Bats. But both would let other win cause they’re Superfriends.

JM @J__Mruk

Batman could just buy some kryptonite. Boom

Cassandra White @CSzczygiel31

@J__Mruk From where?! #Superman can use his heat vision and boom!

John Boutet

Superman > Batman. Batman has no superhuman powers just cool gadgets. He can’t fly and he’s not stronger than Superman. Superman KO in round 1.

Archie N Kristen Galloway

I’m a buzz kill. Sure Superman is from another planet which has powers, but at the same time that planet provides kryptonite, which basically brings him to be a mortal, Batman wins (after he figures that out). But they both end up on the same team.