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Power Take: Dialing back retirement talk is simply A-Rod being A-Rod

Welcome back, Alex Rodriguez.

It’s been a while since your mouth has made headlines, but it’s nice to see that you still remain a natural at stirring the pot whenever you flap your gums.

In case anyone missed it, A-Rod had a vintage A-Rod moment. Shortly after announcing 2017 would be his last season on ESPN, he did an about face via New York City tabloids for bailout assistance. It’s the type of moment that has made Yankee fans for years wish he’d just learn to keep quiet and go about his business the way ex-teammate and future Hall of Famer Derek Jeter did.

Fans got a sampling of the quiet A-Rod last year when he was on his best behavior, determined to prove he could still play the game at a high level after serving a year’s suspension for steroids. He did just that – crushing 33 home runs and driving in 86 runs.

His play spoke so well that Yankees fans momentarily forgot about that me, me persona of his, and started heading toward forgive-and-forget mode. Until earlier this week.

Thanks for the reminder, Alex.

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