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Letter: Poloncarz promoting Big Brother mentality

Poloncarz promoting Big Brother mentality

County Executive Mark Poloncarz proposes a law to ban the sale of cigarettes in pharmacies as he declares this a contradiction to their purpose of continuity in health care. Focusing on this philosophy, what other potentially harmful anti-health products are sold in pharmacies? Products include high-energy drinks, soda pop, candy and alcohol, though Poloncarz failed to mention these.

Our society continues to slip further from freedom rights, as evidenced by this proposal as well as those already passed and others in the pipeline. One dictionary definition of freedom states the power to determine action without restraint. Personally, I do not need Big Brother imposing any agenda on my person with the conviction my educated mind is void of true reason.

One positive outcome, should this law pass, is that tobacco sales will rise for Native Americans, steeply enhancing their economy. On the negative side, it will be the New York State taxpayers forced to fill the void left when cigarette taxes sharply decrease. For the record, I am a former smoker who enjoys the occasional candy bar.

Colleen Walker