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Letter: Dysfunction in Congress makes Trump attractive

Dysfunction in Congress makes Trump attractive

Donald Trump supporters say, “He tells it like it is.” But of course he doesn’t; he tells it like he’d like it to be at any particular time, with little regard for reality.

Almost daily, he makes pronouncements on issues he knows little about; and he frequently tells blatant, easily checked lies. He rewrites history. He demeans women, minorities and any people he doesn’t like, and he reacts to criticism by insulting his critics. He promotes silly conspiracy theories. He advocates torture, and violence against dissidents. He is supported by avowed racists.

Trump has demeaned presidential politics. He has already done considerable damage to America’s image in the world – Mexico is angry, Europe is alarmed, mainstream Islam is frightened. History will certainly see him as symptomatic of a very sick period in American politics.

Trump says his supporters are angry. At what? Civility and respect for others – “political correctness”? Or that a black man was elected president – and re-elected? Or is it government gridlock? We can’t say the Republicans in Congress created Trump, as Frankenstein created his monster, but it is clear that their continued openly declared obstruction of President Obama’s appointments and proposals, even to the point of shutting down the government, has caused the dysfunction that makes an “outsider” like Trump attractive.

Phil Stevens