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How did Doug Flutie do on 'Dancing with the Stars'? 'Terrible'

I haven’t watched “Dancing with the Stars” for years, but I caught Monday’s season opener to see how former Buffalo Bill Doug Flutie performed. He was terrible. Even I could have done better.

OK, I’m kidding about that. I have two left feet. But if it wasn’t for the even more pathetic performance of Geraldo Rivera, Flutie might be the favorite to be eliminated on next Monday’s show. As the judges noted, Rivera didn’t really try to dance.

See Flutie's foxtrot for yourself:

Flutie asked fans in his native New England, in San Diego (where he played after he left the Bills) and in Buffalo to save him. The pitch might have been more attractive to Bills fans if Flutie hadn’t danced to a tune played at Boston Red Sox games, “Sweet Caroline,” and had used the Bills' “Shout!” instead. Flutie clearly was performing more for New England than Buffalo.


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