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Letter: Reckless drivers pose a hazard to all of us

Reckless drivers pose a hazard to all of us

Careless drivers have become a significantly greater hazard in residential neighborhoods. Recently, two streetlights on my block were knocked over by careless drivers. One driver stopped, and one did not. One of these incidents happened in broad daylight on a Sunday afternoon.

Since my two-car family has a narrow driveway, I often park on the street. Now I am afraid to park in front of my own house, because someone might crash into my car. Less than a year ago, someone knocked the rearview mirror off the driver’s side of my car. Since street workers were watching, the driver left a fake phone number written in lipstick under my windshield wiper. I was twice victimized – by careless driving and by dishonesty.

I resent the fact that I can’t safely park my car on a quiet, residential, 30-mph street. My family has lived here for over 50 years, and we never had these problems until the last several months.

Further, what if people on street corners or on their own lawns were injured or killed by careless drivers? Drivers need to get their priorities in order when they get behind the wheel of a car. Perhaps more severe penalties need to be in place to deal with careless drivers. Must we all have surveillance cameras on our vehicles and homes to identify bad drivers who don’t stop? As taxpayers, we should enjoy using the residential streets in our neighborhoods without fearing passing cars crashing into parked cars and jumping curbs onto our lawns.

Lynn Pitz