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Letter: Many can’t admit Obama has done some good things

Many can’t admit Obama has done some good things

It has been a time-honored tradition for us citizens to criticize our president. Even George Washington, serving as our first president, picked up some nasty reviews. Barack Obama, our first black president, with a funny name, has certainly had his share, some would say more than his share of negative comments.

For balance, let’s look back at the past seven years for some of the things that went right. Obama came into office with an economy in distress. The stock market was in a free fall, unemployment was over 10 percent. The Great Recession was on. Obama pushed through a stimulus plan, against stiff opposition, and the result has been six years of job growth with unemployment down to 5 percent. And along the way he saved the American auto industry. GM and Chrysler, instead of disappearing, now employ thousands, and are reporting record profits.

Perhaps Obama’s crowning achievement is the Affordable Care Act. Today some 17 million people have benefits from the plan. Complex systems like this need creative reviews. Our Social Security plan has undergone a number of changes, and hopefully we can apply our talents to make Obamacare even better.

In just the past year, we have seen an impressive list of accomplishments. We opened relations with Cuba, ending a 50-year policy that was going nowhere. We signed a major agreement with Iran, stopping a nuclear threat in the Middle East. And we provided the leadership for a massive undertaking in Paris, where 195 nations pledged their intent to reverse the effects of climate change. Future generations may look back on this event as the most important happening of this century.

So sure, let’s feel free to voice what we think went wrong under Obama. No administration has ever been perfect. But let’s remember, too, that a number of things did go right.

Carl Jacobs