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Letter: It’s scary to envision a Trump presidency

It’s scary to envision a Trump presidency

I wanted to comment on Leonard Pitts’ March 15 column, “Things we must do,” which gives the voters something to think about if Donald Trump fails to reach the presidency.

For those of us who would be devastated about being in a country where a schoolyard bully and a blow-hard, loud-mouthed corporate executive is the head of the United States, I have to agree with the five things Pitts points out.

But first, before all of these points, I would head upward to Canada where Justin Trudeau presides fairly (so I’ve heard from some Canadians) over the people. No matter what race, creed or class, he remains fair.

There would be four years of class distinction if this Trump presidency comes about. Not to mention a lot more division than there is now in Congress. Heaven help all of us!

Judith Stocker