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16 Kingsmen accused of running criminal enterprise including murder

Federal, state and local law enforcement arrested nine members of the Kingsmen motorcycle club Tuesday and charged them with operating a criminal enterprise that used murder, robbery and kidnapping to protect the gang.

Among those charged is David Pirk, the national president.

The arrests are part of a federal indictment charging 16 Kingsmen, including members in Florida and Tennessee, with drug dealing, prostitution and illegal firearm sales, as well as numerous acts of violence.

The murders at the core of the federal prosecution are the execution-style killings of Daniel “DJ” Szymanski and Paul Maue, two Kingsmen members rumored to be leaving for a rival club.

Andre Jenkins, a fellow Kingsmen member, was found guilty of killing the two men in a car behind the Kingsmen club on Oliver Street in North Tonawanda in September 2014. Jenkins, who is charged in the federal prosecution, is already serving life without parole.

Prosecutors say Jenkins, whom they called “an assassin” and “cold-blooded killer” during his trial, got orders to execute the two men from Pirk, the national Kingsmen president.

The indictment, made public for the first time Tuesday, charges the 16 Kingsmen with operating a racketeering conspiracy that relied on drug, weapons and untaxed cigarette sales, as well as prostitution and gambling, for its income.

To protect the club and its money-making ventures, it used violence and intimidation against rivals, according to court papers.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Caleb J. Petzoldt said the prosecution considers the defendants a “danger to the community” and asked the court to keep them in custody.

“The government will be asking for detention,” Petzoldt told U.S. Magistrate Judge Jeremiah J. McCarthy.