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Letter: Kasich is our only hope for an honorable president

Kasich is our only hope for an honorable president

Millions of clearheaded citizens of this country can only be appalled that an election campaign here could resemble those conducted in the banana republics. How and why, they wonder, could this once-civilized process of electing the next occupant of the White House deteriorate to such a level?

One candidate claimed Sen. John McCain is not a hero though as a prisoner during the Vietnam War he endured five years of torturous confinement without revealing information that would be helpful to the enemy. This candidate resorts to personal insults too coarse to be repeated here, has no foreign experience and refuses to renounce the hateful babble of a radical racist.

Another presidential aspirant threatens to shut down the government if a certain bill does not receive congressional passage. Still another is being investigated for her convoluted handling of classified documents.

The question now is not who is the worst of this strange assemblage, but how did they get to where they are in first place? It is the hope of this writer that the one civil and sensible individual on that panel emerges as the next president. He is John Kasich, the successful two-term governor of Ohio.

Thomas L. Trabert Sr.