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Letter: Traveling on Scajaquada is far more enjoyable now

Traveling on Scajaquada is far more enjoyable now

I fully support the new standards for the Scajaquada Parkway. I am a daily user and applaud the lower speed limits.

My proof is that after suffering injuries in two different rear collisions under the previous speed limits, resulting in pain and years of recovery, I now set my cruise control at 30 mph as I enter at the Thruway and rarely touch my brake until Parkside Avenue. Gone are the high-speed weaving of cars, the screeching of brakes as they approach the S-curves.

Now I am enjoying the view, seeing good distance between cars and, best of all, reaching my destination in less time than before.

Keep the plans moving forward, keep the limit. Enjoy the calm.

What a truly high-class only-in-Buffalo problem: We “force” our citizens to enjoy a glorious Olmsted park on their morning commute.

Judith Lawler Balzer

Grand Island