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Letter: Scajaquada proposal isn’t best use of money

Scajaquada proposal isn’t best use of money

I’m not sure how it happened, but it was a strange turn of events. Due to a car veering off the Scajaquada Expressway last spring and tragically killing a child in Delaware Park, a guardrail and concrete barrier were installed. End of story, or so you would think. But as a result of public pressure from a specific group, further alterations to the expressway for safety purposes will be made. The price tag: $100 million.

What is the connection between the coming changes and improved safety? Crosswalks and signals will be installed so park visitors can cross the Scajaquada to the other side of the park. How can allowing people to cross a well-traveled road within a park, regardless of the new 30 mph speed limit, be a prudent plan? The existing overhead foot/bike bridge is a safer path.

The actual goal is to blend the two sides of Delaware Park. But how “joined together” will the park look and feel? The Scajaquada will still be a four-lane road, with two lanes in each direction. What are we getting for our tax dollars spent? What else should or could be done with these public funds?

Instead of crosswalks, why not erect another overhead bridge and plant a variety of flowering trees along the Scajaquada to soften the look of the road?

Delaware Park is a great park and I have many pleasant memories of time spent on both sides. It never mattered to me that a road ran through it.

Judy Catalano