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Letter: Poloncarz must stop meddling in our lives

Poloncarz must stop meddling in our lives

Is anyone in public office more tone deaf than County Executive Mark Poloncarz? At a time when the words “career politician” have never been dirtier, Poloncarz just can’t seem to help himself. Ban microbeads. Ban cigarette sales in pharmacies. Ban plastic bags in supermarkets. Force people to more thoroughly clean snow from their cars or face fines. When does it stop, if ever?

What anyone thinks of each individual issue is not the point. The point is the incremental infringement on our daily lives by “I know better than you” politicians like Poloncarz. Doesn’t he have anything to do? Is the county running like such a well-oiled machine that he has the time to be such a busybody?

I hate winter, but a good snowstorm might get Poloncarz out of our business, if only temporarily. How ever will we go on without politicians taking each hapless soul by the hand and telling us how to live?

Joseph P. Brignone