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Letter: Dirty tricks won’t deter Trump, his supporters

Dirty tricks won’t deter Trump, his supporters

I’ve been disappointed with the direction our society has been headed for quite awhile. But the organizing of a group of students to deprive a presidential candidate of his First Amendment right according to our Constitution is over the top. What really is amazing is the organizer is an undocumented student named Jorge Mena, who has yet to be deported. It should be everyone’s intent to have him deported immediately and charged with obstruction.

Is it really so hard to understand Donald Trump’s popularity? Do the other candidates really believe undermining Trump with dirty tricks is going to send votes their way? Well, think again. People who have never voted before are now voting for the first time, and it’s certainly not because of Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio. Come on, folks. We were born here; we deserve better.

Ron Topolski