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Letter: Poloncarz needs to get his priorities in order

Poloncarz needs to get his priorities in order

Historically, Erie County governance was a matter of town supervisors coming together to discuss common infrastructure issues, roads, bridges, sewers, water, plowing/salting, etc. Fifty years ago, this changed to an executive/legislative model of management.

Currently our roads are a mess, bridges are crumbling, beautiful Lake Erie beaches are regularly closed due to sewage overflow into feeder creeks, the Water Authority is a patronage boondoggle and the county wages a yearly battle with towns over responsibility and cost of plowing. Given these problems, what are our county executive’s top priorities? Of his 10 “initiatives” for the year, the first two have to do with bans (on plastic bags and cigarette sales), two have to do with residency requirements for county employees, and two would establish planning boards (more layers of government). Not one has anything to do with the basic responsibility of county government – infrastructure. What am I missing here?

Roger Wise