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Letter: Library should reopen some of closed branches

Library should reopen some of closed branches

I read with interest in the March 10 News that the public library system seeks community input on its future. While unable to attend the meetings, I would like to suggest that Library Director Mary Jean Jakubowski consider reopening some of the branches that were closed a few years ago.

The closing of these special places was like tearing the hearts out of our neighborhoods. Our preservation group attended many meetings to keep our Lovejoy/Mead branch open, only to be lied to by the past director and our local officials that this branch would not be closed. However, we found out that it was on the list the day they carried our books out in large gray containers while we stood staring in shock on the stairs of our beautiful 1937 library. I could have cried that day, but I was too mad.

All the community meetings and input will be a waste of time because the powers-that-be will do what they want, making the public look like fools for caring.

Marge Thielman Hastreiter