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Letter: Examine other plans to improve Scajaquada

Examine other plans to improve Scajaquada

I am a user of the Scajaquada on a regular basis, and while I appreciate its convenience, I always wondered why it was built through a beautiful park. I have seen many “solutions” to the roadway recently and would like to add one of my own.

The road should be kept at the same grade it is when it passes under Main Street. Parkside would then become an overpass with access ramps, eliminating the Parkside intersection. The road should then continue on as low as possible to a new intersection at Delaware Avenue at the same grade at which Delaware is currently. The Scajaquada could then re-emerge at its current grade where it passes over the Hoyt Lake outlet by the History Museum. A land bridge could be built over the Delaware intersection and extended in either direction, east and west, as the grading would allow, thus reconnecting the two parts of Delaware Park that have been separated by the road for far too long.

I think this plan has many advantages. It doesn’t create any new traffic lights. It eliminates a troublesome exit ramp, at Delaware, which backs up the right lane, especially at rush hour. And, most importantly, it rejoins the park and allows unimpeded pedestrian passage between all areas of the park from the zoo to the tennis courts to the lake. And wouldn’t that be a nice thing? As for the speed limit, that’s for the road safety experts to decide.

Peter Van Houten