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Letter: Why is insurer allowed to delay prescriptions?

Why is insurer allowed to delay prescriptions?

I would like someone to tell me why I have to put my health in the hands of an insurance company. I have been receiving medications under a workers’ compensation case for several years. I am in pain most of the time and take meds to ease the pain somewhat. Every month, after a doctor’s visit, I get a new prescription and take it to the pharmacy to get filled. So far so good.

Then every month the insurance company refuses to let the order be filled. Most of the time my lawyer must be called to get the insurance company to OK the meds.

Now if I don’t try to save some pills for the next month, I will run out before the insurance company OKs the prescriptions. Which means not only am I in more pain than I need to be, I also must go through some withdrawal symptoms. This can be a very dangerous situation.

Why should I, or anyone else, have to put my health and possibly my life in this company’s hands when the courts have ordered it to pay for my medical needs? I think this needs to be looked into, either by the courts that ruled on the matter, or by someone with knowledge of this cruel practice.

Michael Miller