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Letter: Trump makes his fans proud to be American

Trump makes his fans proud to be American

How many white people can gather together before liberals label us a hate group? That’s my question coming out of Donald Trump’s rally in Cleveland. It was a really happy place. We cheered. We laughed. We hooted. We hollered. The only angry people were the protesters – about a dozen or so inside the I-X Center and several more outside the venue. They held signs reading racist slogans mocking Trump followers and Trump himself. We had a good chuckle at their expense as they were walked out, but it was eye-opening.

I’ve never been more solidly behind a candidate because I’ve never seen so many people hate someone for defending the values of middle-class white people. Liberals have demonstrated on university campuses across this country how intolerant they are of differing opinion, and – if we recall the Duke lacrosse case – liberals have shown they will target a group if it is composed of white men. Just as middle class and poor white people got sick of being blamed for everyone’s problems in the 1980s, we’re sick of it now, too.

My parents’ generation went to Ronald Reagan in droves because he stood up for them and made them proud Americans. Trump makes me a proud American. And that’s the key word: American. I don’t go around calling myself Italian-American. I’m American. I fought in two wars for this country, my dad in one, both of my grandfathers in World War II. Nobody in my family has any need to hyphenate. We owe nobody anything, and none of us has ever lived a day of “white privilege.” There are millions of Americans like us. It’s time to make America great again for Americans.

Paul Lacapruccia