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Letter: Knee-jerk reactions won’t solve problems

Knee-jerk reactions won’t solve problems

As a regular reader of The News, I’d like to add my comments to the local opinions.

First, County Executive Mark Poloncarz wants to determine what legal products a business can and cannot offer to its customers. While I applaud the intent, and agree that smoking is a horrible habit, the fact remains that it’s a legal product and it should be the merchants’ call on whether or not to offer tobacco. Sadly, our freedom to choose allows us the freedom to make unhealthy choices, as evidenced every day in our society.

As for the letter about Donald Trump not being able to separate fantasy from reality, I’d offer the following: Neither party seems able to do this. Decades of horrible policy on everything from international relations to environmental priorities to health care have created such a mess that no single action is possible as a fix.

As an aside, we face the same type of issues in New York State with the wage debate. Had our “leaders” of the past 50 years provided anything resembling leadership and a growth economy, we would not need to make artificial wage rates. Yes, it’s more complex than that, but the basic thought is that decades of poor choices have come home in a big way to bite us.

As far as Erie Community College is concerned, again I have to wonder: Why do we continue to spend on three campuses when other counties don’t do this?

In Poloncarz’s address, where was any mention of road repair for the hundreds of county roads that are beyond poor? Where was any mention of the unfunded mandates handed down by our state leaders? When will all the state county executives band together and demand action on this?

It seems painfully obvious that stop-gap, knee-jerk reactions to the issues we face are, at best, unrealistic and poorly thought out. We’ve got to demand better from all our so-called leaders and insist on policies and practices that reflect meaningful thought and realistic outcomes if we have any hope of moving forward.

Vincent J. Morabito