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Letter: Town failed to address public safety at Walmart

Town failed to address public safety at Walmart

As soon as I read the article about Walmart and the Metro bus access, I Googled “Cynthia Wiggins.” Cynthia died when trying to cross Walden Avenue while heading to work at the Galleria. Johnnie L. Cochran brought the case national attention by addressing a teenager’s death through racist transportation practices. Cynthia died because the mall banned some city buses on certain routes from dropping off passengers on its property. And although the circumstances are not the same, the issue again is access and public safety.

The professional staff at the Cheektowaga Town Planning Department should have remembered Cynthia and addressed this public safety access issue. Furthermore, the appointed Town Planning Board never should have granted site plan approval for this development without requiring safe public access to everyone in the community who would like to access the shopping center.

If the Town of Cheektowaga had done its job, Walmart and Benderson Development would have been required to work with the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority to provide safe public access to the site.

Linda Ulrich-Hagner

East Aurora