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Laurel Street man arrested for damaging neighbor’s large television

A 32-year-old Laurel Street man was arrested late Wednesday and accused of damaging a neighbor’s large flat-screen television set after he broke into the neighbor’s house when he was not at home.

Mohammed Haider was charged with felony and misdemeanor counts after police reported finding the right sandal Haider left in the victim’s kitchen as he allegedly quickly ran out the rear-door he had broken to get in. Haider was also accused of dropping the 55-inch flat screen television he was trying to steal and damaging it. Police officers reported finding a matching left sandal in front of Haider’s apartment along with a portion of the rear-door deadlock he allegedly broke to get into his neighbor’s house. Haider was charged with felony and misdemeanor criminal mischief, attempted second-degree burglary and attempted petit larceny.