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Letter: Trump is revitalizing the Republican Party

Trump is revitalizing the Republican Party

Republican strategist Karl Rove often talks about how, on the eve of every election, the mainstream Republicans wait for some mysterious conservative majority, that they know is out there hidden in the heartlands of America, to come and rescue the election. And on each election, it never manifests itself. The reason is that it is not there. It does not exist!

Now they have lost control of the Republican base to a phenomenon called Donald Trump, and they can’t understand what is happening. They are all ganging up on Trump to “save” the Republican Party from this new phenomenon and in the process will destroy the party and hand the election over to the Democrats.

The Democrats win because they know how to agree and disagree, and scratch each other’s backs, and have a clear understanding that they must unite to win – something the Republicans fail to understand. If you are not a purist, conservative member of the right elite, we don’t want you.

The Republican elite fails to see two things. First, that the president is not the only person on the ticket. There are dozens of congressional and Senate seats also up for grabs. The person at the top has a natural “coattail effect” that will keep or increase the current majorities in Congress, so the president can do his job.

And secondly, Trump has brought an energy to the Republican Party like never seen before, something the Republican base has failed to do for years. The crowds and the participation at the Republican primaries dwarfs the Democratic participation.

This is the mysterious middle we have been waiting for. Wake up, Republicans. Endorse Trump and enjoy the new Republican majority.

Thomas P. Ciano