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Letter: Sanders is targeting issues that are vital to our region

Sanders is targeting issues that are vital to our region

Jeremy Zellner’s Another Voice about Hillary Clinton was conspicuous in failing to mention that the Democratic presidential primary is ongoing, and that New Yorkers still have their chance to choose between Clinton and Bernie Sanders on April 19.

Zellner’s short list of Clinton’s accomplishments in our area includes support of Canalside and the Niagara Wine Trail – both enjoyable projects, to be sure, and with some positive economic impact. But projects like these don’t address the bigger issues in our region plagued by poverty, poor education, high unemployment, racial segregation and pollution.

Back in February, The News reported that Clinton had raised $367,717 locally in 2015, while Sanders raised “only” $46,267. But $350,000 of those Clinton donations were made at a fundraiser hosted by the Erie County Democratic Committee last November, where tickets were priced at $1,000 or $2,700. This means that Clinton received only $17,000 in other donations since then, and that Sanders is outpacing her with smaller donations and strong grass-roots support in the area.

Sanders’ platform for social, economic and environmental justice speaks much more directly to the concerns and conditions of our region and deserves another look from the voters of Western New York. The primary is not over, and party leaders do not choose our candidate. Get out and vote on April 19!

Christina Saarinen